Anna Dalgaard becomes new chairman of HemCheck

Photo Rikard Ekberg

Since 2016 Anna Dalgaard has been a Member of the Board of Directors in HemCheck – last Monday she was elected chairman.
– HemCheck is at an exciting stage, and I look forward to being part of guiding the company in this phase.

Anna has nearly 15 years experience from the health care industry. She has worked as a management consultant, an entrepreneur, and a business developer in national as well as international corporations.
– I was planning on becoming a doctor, but I ended up studying at the Stockholm School of Economics instead. When I had finished my graduate studies, I joined McKinsey & Co and became involved in their health care sector work early on, with engagements in Sweden, Denmark, England, Switzerland and the Middle East, says Anna. Eight years ago, Anna co-founded a health care company, which rapidly gained success and was divested. Today she works as a professional board member and also invests in smaller health care companies.

What are you looking forward to in this new role?
The company is facing an exciting journey. A lot of hard work has gone into development, testing and evaluation. Now it’s time to launch commercially, and I look forward to being a part of guiding the company in this phase; scaling up, networking and establishing partners. Being the chairman for a publicly listed company is also new to me, and I see it as an opportunity for personal development.

Why have you chosen to work with HemCheck?
I believe in the product and I have gotten to know the team behind it, and apart from being ambitious and competent, they are a fun group to work with.

Something you did not know about me
I was part of a team designing and developing a health care regulator in Bahrain, on assignment by the Court of the Crown Prince in Bahrain.